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Green risotto prawns


Salmon Tartar


Fresh salmon, avocado, green apple, spring onions, green lemon

To share

  • Fresh Fruit Platter (According to availability)24€

    For 2 persons

  • Mix of Local Cold Cuts and Mature Cheeses (According to availability)24€

    Assortment of cold cuts and cheeses selected by our cheesemaker Julien Ragussa, for 2 persons

  • Matured Cheeses Board 24€

    Selected by our cheese maker Julien Ragussa, for 2 persons

  • Local Cold Cuts Board (According to availability)24€

    Assortment of cold meats for 2 persons


  • Codfish Accras 24€
  • Fried Jols 24€
  • chicken news 18€


  • Local Rock Fish Soup 19€

    Rouille and garlic croutons

  • Caesar Salad 25€

    Low temperature chicken, panko breading, croutons, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, caesar sauce

  • Creamy Burrata 26€

    Trilogy of market tomatoes, homemade pesto and mesclun

  • Fresh salmon tartar 26€

    Fresh salmon, pieces of avocado, green apple, spring onion, green lemon

  • Bunch of prawns 18€

    (12 pieces)

  • Plate of stuffed mussels 19€

    (12 pieces)

Back from Fishing

  • Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Saint Pierre (According to availability)12€/100gr
  • Grilled Royal Mediterranean Lobster 22€/100gr
  • Grilled Blue Lobster from Brittany 17€/100gr
  • Chapon, Saint Pierre, Turbot, Pagre, Mérou (According to availability)15€/100g


  • shrimps x12 18€
  • Whelks x12 14€
  • Isigny Oysters n°3 x6 18€
  • Isigny Oysters n°2 x6 18€
  • Crab (According to availability)18€

    (the piece)


  • The Oyster Farmer 54€

    Isigny oysters n°3 x 18 and n°2 x 12

  • The Shellfish Platter 44€

    Pink shrimps x 12, whelks x 12, crab

  • The Royal Circle 179€

    Blue lobster from Brittany, crab, pink shrimps x 12, langoustines x 6, whelks x 12,
    Isigny oysters n°3 x 12, Isigny oysters n°2 x 12.


  • Spiny Lobster Pasta à la Provençale 22€/100gr
  • Bouillabaisse of the Cercle (According to availability)65€/pers

    For 2 people minimum, reservation 48h before

  • Skewer of snacked prawns, green lemon emulsion 34€
  • Grilled sole meunière 39€
  • Blue lobster from Brittany pasta a la provençale (According to availability)17€/100g


  • Duck breast a la plancha 34€

    Five sweet pepper sauce

  • Rib of Beef 39€

    For 1 persons, about 450gr/500gr

  • Burger "Paris - Texas" 29€

    Bun’s, chopped steak Black Angus, ham, emmental, bacon chips, tomato tartar, Ry Cooder sauce

  • Candied lamb shank rosemary strong jus 29€
  • Italian Charolais beef tartar 29€
  • Beef fillet snacked with morels 39€


  • Charolais Beef Tartar 29€

    Fresh Chips with mesclun

  • Salmon Tartar 26€

    Fresh salmon, avocado, green apple, spring onions, green lemon


  • Green risotto prawns 34€


  • Pepper
  • Gorgonzola Cheese

All our products are served with a side dish. Additional accompaniment : 8€

For the list of allergens in our a la carte products, please refer to the allergen table